My Own Drum

Galeton, PA


Apply your suncatcher to a window with direct sunlight & watch vibrant rainbows bathe your space! Static cling suncatchers are easy to apply, reposition and store for later. Suncatchers also help to prevent bird collisions with your windows.

Please Note: The vividness and amount of rainbows will vary depending on the amount of natural light in your room and/or style of decal material. DIRECT sunlight is needed to make rainbows visible.


We do not currently have a storefront but you are welcome to stop by our studio for a visit or questions. Business hours are when you are most likely to catch us. 

Studio and Pickup Location

37 W. Main St, Galeton, PA 16922d

Business Hours


9:00 a.m. - 4:00p.m.

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